Catching up

When I started this blog, I thought I’d keep it strictly professional. However, personal life sometimes takes over, and one has to take a break in order to regain a little balance.

I have written several blog posts but not published them, so I will be bringing this site up to date with snippets of news from this year, ready for 2017.

It’s been one of those years with lots of change but with one constant – I am in the same role, at the same place, and enjoying what I do. Sometimes it feels like everything falls apart in order to come back together again, but if one thing stays in place then that can ground you, provide something of a lifeline. I have decided to go one step further and to develop my knowledge of copyright and other intellectual property rights by undertaking an LLM in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Edinburgh. I will be studying over 2.5 years – and I simply cannot wait! The course looks fascinating and perfectly suited for my background of law in¬†industry. I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge of the practical aspects of IP law as well as getting stuck into the theoretical and underpinning concepts.

I guess one thing I’ve learned from this year which I’ll take ahead as I embark on my studies (after my last master’s whilst working full time, I said ‘never again’..!) is that there are always mountains ahead, but we can at least enjoy the view…

Mountains by Victor Filippov – CC0 from