An idea for the sector…

An issue that’s been discussed at length on the lis-accessibility mailing list recently is how to audit ebook platforms for accessibility features (such as magnification, reflow, ability to highlight text, access to screenreading software). Several universities have produced their own checklists but many agreed that it would be helpful to have a crowdsourced tool that everybody can contribute to, and repurpose as necessary.

Ben Watson (Kent) and Sue Smith (Leeds Beckett) are my fellow list owners, and an idea we’ve had is to start drafting a revised version of the checklist before hosting it somewhere central so that others can contribute. Something I’d love to see, too, is a way to score platforms and publishers. A badge would be a really neat way to indicate the score, and using colour coding would show areas of strength and weakness. A bit like the ‘Altmetric donut‘, which shows a score in different areas.

If we did this then publishers would have an incentive to improve and maintain standards. Librarians could make informed choices. it seems win-win to me.

What do you think?

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