lis-accessibility is live!

Fireworks, by Chris Moran, is available under a CC BY 2.0 licence

Changes to copyright law in June 2014 mean that, subject to a couple of caveats, educational establishments can share intermediate files with each other, and use these for the benefit of disabled users. Load2Learn is a repository and request service that provides accessible textbooks to disabled learners; it has enormous potential for the sharing of files in a legally compliant way, which will save everybody time, and encourage publishers to provide accessible material.

In tandem with this we have upcoming changes to Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) meaning that it is more crucial than ever that accessibility is built into our processes and services.

The time is ripe for the Higher Education sector to collaborate and come up with a process for the provision of accessible format material to our disabled users. Having a consistent process would send out a strong message to content providers that accessibility needs to be a core part of their offering.

Join lis-accessibility today and help determine a new process for the sector regarding alternative format provision.

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