Accessible format provision: a national solution?

The provision of accessible format material is something of a niche area. To understand a typical workflow one needs awareness of:

  • copyright law
  • licensing
  • the publishing process
  • usability requirements
  • technical solutions
  • digitisation.

There are some excellent forums where some of these issues are currently discussed, such as Dis-Forum and Lis-Copyseek. However there is no forum at present where disability practitioners, librarians, learning technologists and copyright experts can discuss the whole process. To this end I have set up a new mailing list called Lis-Accessibility.

I am working with some colleagues at Leeds Beckett, Kent, Jisc, and Load2Learn to identify areas of best practice and how changes to copyright law mean that we can better support our users. It’s a very exciting time so watch this space for more information.

Chester, my hearing dog, doing a large and cheesy grin
Chester (my hearing dog) is grinning as he’s very excited, too.

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