Why The Hearing Librarian?

I set up this site as a way to develop my professional thinking – and the medium through which I best express myself is the written word. The stereotypical image of librarians who say ‘shh!’ is largely dispelled these days. But, more than ever, librarians working in a professional capacity are required to teach, to present, to liaise, to persuade. I enjoy teaching and presenting, and the social, rewarding aspect of such activities. However, I don’t always feel confident about verbalising my thoughts, especially in workplace meetings. This is partly due to my hearing; I find meetings and group discussions difficult to follow, and I worry about repeating stuff, or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. (I’ve been given some fancy new hearing equipment which should help). Also, I’m quite a private person and I simply don’t always feel comfortable sharing thoughts and opinions in a public space. I recognise that in order to progress in a professional capacity I need to hone these skills. I hope that by crafting my thoughts and sharing them through a medium with which I feel comfortable, it will in turn feel more natural to do this verbally.

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